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Reduced climate impact and safer transportation decisive for continued collaboration between St1 and Green Cargo

Press release   •   Apr 08, 2020 10:06 UTC

Photo: St1

Close collaboration and high quality were two important parameters leading to an extended agreement and the continued collaboration between Green Cargo and St1 for two more years. On 4 November 2020, Green Cargo will have transported goods for St1 for 25 years – a major win for the environment as well as for safer roads.

In 2019, Green Cargo transported a total of 340,000 tonnes of fuel for St1 in single-commodity trains from St1’s facilities in Gothenburg to depots in Jönköping and Karlstad. A total of ten trains depart every week, five to Jönköping and five to Karlstad, with cargo classified as hazardous goods. Over the course of a year, this is the equivalent of 12,000 truckloads.

“Transporting our products via rail is an excellent alternative for us. Not only is it a safer form of transportation but transitioning from shipping and road to rail is also a good initiative for the environment. Green Cargo has been a great partner all these years, which is why we’re choosing to extend the contract,” says Jonas Rylander, Terminal Operations Manager for St1.

Rail freight is needed for a competitive business climate and to reach climate goals, both now and in the future. Electric trains make up over 95 percent of Green Cargo’s ton kilometrage and the climate impact is next to zero. In 2019, St1 reduced its climate impact by 5,000 tonnes through its shipments with Green Cargo.

“St1 Sverige is very satisfied with our collaboration. We maintain a high quality for our single-commodity trains through regular production and follow up meetings. We’re proud of our initiatives, where a willingness to listen and good dialogue have been important factors for continued collaboration,” says Lennart Andersson, sales executive and Key Account Manager at Green Cargo, about St1.

St1 focuses on fuel, oil refining and solutions for renewable energy such as advanced, waste-based ethanol fuel and wind power. The St1 Group has approximately 1,300 St1 and Shell stations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. St1 Nordic Oy’s head office is in Helsinki, Finland and a total of approximately 770 employees.

Photo: St1

Green Cargo runs 400 freight trains each day, which is equivalent to the capacity of approximately 10,000 truck transports. We serve 300 locations in Sweden and the major cities in Norway. In cooperation with other operators, we reach thousands of locations in Europe. Green Cargo is the only nation-wide freight transport company that meets the standards set by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for freight transports (Bra Miljöval). Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish state. The Group has approximately 1,800 employees and annual revenue of SEK 4,2 billion (2018).