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​Real Rail’s and Green Cargo’s transportation partnership aims to reduce climate emissions by 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2020

Press release   •   Sep 05, 2019 12:43 UTC

After many years of successful collaboration, Real Rail and Green Cargo are strengthening their ties with a new partnership to continue to offer climate-smart transportation from north to south for Swedish business. 

“It is very pleasing to continue the collaboration with Real Rail. Through the use of complex locomotive positioning and manpower planning, we can offer high quality and a robust system with a total of 60 trains a month in this partnership agreement,” says Richard Kirchner, SVP of Commercial, Green Cargo.

On the Helsingborg-Nässjö-Umeå-Luleå route and the Gothenburg-Umeå-Ånge-Luleå route, three full trains roll in each direction, five days a week, with intermodal shuttles containing perishable goods and industrial freight.

“We are also very pleased with our continued partnership and climate-smart transportation using Green Cargo. The new partnership agreement used wording that was reciprocal and clear, and offers even greater flexibility and structure to increase stability in production. Green Cargo is a qualified operator in terms of resource capacity in the form of personnel and locomotives,” says David Sandahl, CEO of Real Rail Sweden.

The transportation will reduce climate impact by 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2020 alone, which means carbon emissions are over 90 percent lower compared with road transportation over the same distance. The agreement extends for three years with an option for an additional two years.

“Our vision is to develop and expand our traffic plan, and we are planning a new route between Stockholm and Gothenburg in the near future. We hope more companies choose rail as a transportation alternative for new climate-smart deals. Green Cargo is an important partner that takes sustainability issues seriously, which is in line with the Sandahl Group and Real Rail’s profile. Green Cargo is the perfect partner in our sustainable development,” says David Sandahl.

Real Rail Sweden AB is an independent rail freight operator and part of the Sandahl Group of companies. The company delivers high capacity, high quality rail freight to the transportation industry.

Green Cargo runs 400 freight trains each day, which is equivalent to the capacity of approximately 10,000 truck transports. We serve 300 locations in Sweden and the major cities in Norway. In cooperation with other operators, we reach thousands of locations in Europe. Green Cargo is the only nation-wide freight transport company that meets the standards set by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for freight transports (Bra Miljöval). Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish state. The Group has approximately 1,800 employees and annual revenue of SEK 4,2 billion (2018).