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Green Cargo’s transportation of modules reduces Expandia’s emissions

Press release   •   Feb 10, 2020 08:12 UTC

Photo: Expandia​

From January this year, Green Cargo will transport parts of Expandia’s modular fleet. The initiative is part of the temporary premises module supplier fulfilling its environmental goals, and a secure, reliable and climate-smart rail-based logistics solution was chosen.

In the autumn, Expandia Moduler AB opened a new renovation facility in Stidsvig in Skåne to effectively reuse previously leased modules without compromising on quality. Now the company is taking a step further in reducing its climate impact — modules that are to be transported over 500 kilometers will be, from January, mainly transported by rail.

“We are proud, as the only module supplier, to finally have an effective transportation solution that minimizes our carbon footprint. The venture will also increase our delivery capacity during the months where we have most module deployments. By using rail, we secure greater control and can ensure deliveries on short notice even during these periods,” says Jonas Wallstedt, CEO of Expandia Moduler.

Electric trains will make up most of Green Cargo’s freight transportation and the climate impact will be next to zero.

“I am thrilled that Expandia have chosen to collaborate with us. We not only deliver secure and reliable freight, we do it with a climate-smart transportation solution. By delivering the modules by rail, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced with roughly 99 percent compared with transporting over the same distance by road,” says Johan Lorensson, Strategic Key Account Manager at Green Cargo.

Venture expansion

Green Cargo has renovated and adapted eight wagons for Expandia that can carry two modules each. Initially, between 400 and 500 modules will be delivered from the factory in Värmlandsbro to Luleå. Some of these will be delivered by rail and loaded in Karlstad. Should the venture exceed expectations, there is the option of renovating and modifying two additional wagons to further expand the climate-smart logistics solution.

“We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint. This is a challenge for a growing company in a growth sector, but in this way we curb one of the most emission-intensive parts of our operations,” concludes Jonas Wallstedt.

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