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Green Cargo and Vallviks Bruk extend agreement for roundwood transportation from Malungsfors

Press release   •   Mar 10, 2021 08:45 UTC

The successful partnership between Green Cargo and Vallviks Bruk for shipping roundwood from Malungsfors in the municipality of Malung-Sälen to the pulp mill in Vallvik has resulted in an extension of the current agreement. The partnership began in 2018 with rail-freight services from Mora and continued in 2019 from the newly opened timber terminal in Malungsfors.

Green Cargo ran a test train in June 2019 and by the end of August that year, the first train carrying roundwood from the terminal in Malungsfors departed for Vallvik. The shipment was a success and has continued since then.

“We asked Green Cargo to start collecting roundwood by train from the new terminal in Malungsfors. It’s a strategic choice for us and we’re very pleased that Green Cargo was able to meet our needs and start these shipments, especially since reducing our impact on the environment is an important issue for us. Since its start in 2019, these trains have maintained high delivery quality and delivered according to plan, which we also appreciate from Green Cargo,” says Mikael Jonsson, Wood Supply Manager at Vallviks Bruk.

By choosing rail instead of road for shipping from Malungsfors, the partners are collectively reducing their freight’s climate impact by 85 percent. A total of 85,000 tonnes of roundwood has been shipped through Green Cargo’s climate-smart transportation to Vallviks Bruk since the partnership started in spring 2018.

“Starting traffic from Malungsfors was challenging in many ways, but most of all it was incredibly exciting. Together with our other sellers and train driver instructors at Green Cargo, as well as external parties, we took on the challenges facing us and managed to build a new logistics solution where there hadn’t been a route for more than 20 years,” says Björn Andersson, Green Cargo train driver and previous section leader at Borlänge.

The terminal in Malungsfors reopened after several years’ closure thanks to a joint initiative between the municipality, local businesses and forest products companies. The railway between Malung and Malungsfors was rebuilt and the abandoned terminal renovated.

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Vallviks Bruk was built in 1907 and today employs approximately 180 people. Over 70 percent of the electricity used is generated at the mill. Vallviks Bruk manufactures long-fiber chemical kraft pulp, which accounts for around 56 percent of production in the Rottneros Group. In 2020, 232,700 tonnes of pulp were produced at the mill. The sulphate process used is not only the most common process for chemical pulp production, but also yields a stronger pulp. A full 99 percent of the fuel currently used in the mill is fossil-free and 97 percent of all the chemicals are recycled.

Green Cargo is a sustainable logistics partner and crucial for Scandinavia’s trade and industry. Electric trains make up over 95 percent of our ton kilometrage, meaning the climate impact is next to zero. Every 24 hours, some 400 freight trains depart, replacing around 8,500 truckloads on the road network. We serve close to 300 locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark through our network, and with our partners we reach all of Europe. Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish State. We transport 21 million tonnes of freight, have 1,800 employees and annual sales of about SEK 4 billion (2020).