Green Cargo først i Norden til å ta i bruk Eurodual-lokomotivet

News   •   Dec 16, 2020 09:04 UTC

Green Cargo setter i drift de to første nestegenerasjon gods-lokomotivene i Norge. De nye Eurodual-lokomotivene er sterkere, bedre tilpasset tøff, norsk natur og vil redusere forsinkelsene i jernbanenettet. Med det nye lokomotivet kan ett godstog frakte like mye som 30 lastebiler. Norge er det første landet i Norden som tar i bruk det nye lokomotivet.

Green Cargo is first in the Nordics to put Eurodual locomotives into service

News   •   Dec 16, 2020 09:03 UTC

Green Cargo will deploy the first two next-generation freight locomotives in Norway. The new Eurodual locomotives are more robust, better adapted to the harsh Norwegian landscape and will reduce delays across the railway network. The new locomotive means that a freight train can transport the equivalent of 30 trucks. Norway is the first country in the Nordics to use this new locomotive.

TAC (Track Access Charges) reduction provides fast and unbureaucratic relief for railway undertakings (RUs)

Press releases   •   Dec 08, 2020 14:22 UTC

The rail freight sector has made tremendous efforts to keep Europe’s countries running, supporting both industry and society throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our employees were considered frontliners in the task to supply hospitals with masks, hydro-alcoholic solution, energy to heat medical buildings and maintain continuous supplies of goods like food and beverages in stores.

​Green Cargo and Dynamant sign framework agreement for 2021

Press releases   •   Dec 03, 2020 05:47 UTC

Several new projects and initiatives will commence in 2021 as a result of Green Cargo’s long-term strategy to develop operations with a strong and robust IT platform. These projects require additional assistance from external expertise, and the consultancy firm Dynamant has been chosen as a specialist supplier to Green Cargo to assist with project ownership, competence development and innovation.

Green Cargo and SSAB implement innovative solutions for steel traffic

Press releases   •   Nov 23, 2020 11:33 UTC

​A technological shift is afoot for wagons and load carriers for specialized freight transport for the SSAB stretches between Luleå and Borlänge and Borlänge and Oxelösund. A total of 40 new wagons have been leased from the wagon provider Wascosa. The wagons are equipped with disc brakes that allow for quieter trains, greater flexibility of wagon usage and increased safety.

Green Cargo and Schenker AS collaborate on a new environmentally smart solution for refrigerated goods

Press releases   •   Nov 17, 2020 14:23 UTC

In a partnership between Schenker AS and Green Cargo, new refrigerated wagons are being tested for Schenker’s rail freight product North Rail Express (NRE) on the Oslo–Narvik route. The freight wagons, which acquire their power supply from the locomotive, create a unique solution that is entirely new in the market.

Green Cargo is testing digital automatic coupling for more efficient rail freight in a unique European collaboration

Press releases   •   Nov 11, 2020 09:44 UTC

The equipped wagons will soon leave the maintenance depot in Eskilstuna and arrive in Luleå. That is where Green Cargo will test different automatic coupling options in Swedish winter conditions. Tests will also be conducted in parallel in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Automatic coupling has many advantages for the industry when it comes to safer working conditions and increased production.

Green Cargo has transported freight for St1 for 25 years

Press releases   •   Nov 09, 2020 08:06 UTC

A partnership where the focus on high quality and secure transportation has resulted in almost 11,000,000 tonnes of freight being delivered from St1 in Gothenburg to depots in Jönköping and Karlstad. Through 25 years of rail transportation rather than road or sea freight, St1 and Green Cargo have reduced climate impact by a total of 114,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Renewed agreement results in a 6,500 tonne reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions

Press releases   •   Jun 18, 2020 06:42 UTC

​Four satisfied business partners are once again renewing their agreement to continue the sustainable freight transportation of wood chips and pulpwood from Norway to Sweden. The new three-year agreement between BillerudKorsnäs, Moelven, Grenland Rail and Green Cargo starts this December.

Green Cargo meets Holmen’s new transportation needs

Press releases   •   Jun 15, 2020 14:36 UTC

Despite the prevailing situation with COVID-19 and reduced demand in many segments, Holmen’s round timber customers need to transport raw materials, with a resulting increase in Holmen’s need for more freight transportation. Green Cargo has been able to meet Holmen’s requirements for extra trains thanks to its customer adaptability and solution-oriented approach.

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