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Green Cargo invests in increased efficiency and enhanced customer solutions transiting Denmark

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2018 13:30 UTC

Green Cargo has decided to exit the joint venture DB Cargo Scandinavia, which mainly handles transit traffic through Denmark for its owners Green Cargo and DB Cargo. The decision is due to the owners being unable to reach agreement on certain issues, primarily concerning pricing.

“Our goal is always to help our clients with solutions that entail cost efficiency, improved delivery capacity and reduced climate impact. We have identified favorable possibilities for developing our international business with more of our own routes between Europe and Scandinavia, and the price levels in the joint venture have acted as a complicating factor in developing these,” says Jan Kilström, CEO of Green Cargo.

DB Cargo Scandinavia will continue to deliver its production services to Green Cargo for the majority of 2018. During this period, Green Cargo will determine how it will continue to produce services transiting Denmark moving forward.

“Moving forward, Green Cargo will also purchase some traffic from DB Cargo Scandinavia, but as a supplier to Green Cargo. The change in the owner arrangement will have no negative impact on our customers’ freight solutions or deliveries. These will continue to function as previously or with improved quality,” says Jan Kilström.

Green Cargo runs 400 freight trains each day, which is equivalent to the capacity of approximately 10,000 truck transports. We serve 270 locations in Sweden and the major cities in Norway. In cooperation with other operators, we reach thousands of locations in Europe. Green Cargo is the only nation-wide freight transport company that meets the standards set by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for freight transports (Bra Miljöval). Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish state. The Group has approximately 1,900 employees and annual revenue of SEK 4,3 billion (2017).